Living with HIV in middle age

At The New York Times, John Leland has a moving portrait of people who accepted their own inevitable deaths two decades ago ... and then those deaths didn't happen. Kept alive by HIV-fighting medications, they've watched the disease go from death sentence to little-discussed chronic illness — all while dealing with the not-inconsiderable side effects of both the virus, itself, and the medications used to treat it.


  1. I’m ever amazed at the way medical science can outrun chronic diseases. And I’m humbled by the people who go on living with with these conditions, many still making contributions, sometimes far greater contributions than those of us with lesser challenges, in spite of them.

  2. The advertising campaigns  of happy people with HIV climbing mountains and being a part of life…
    when the truth was closer to them feeling like death warmed over and not daring to move more than 10 ft from the toilet.

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