Prosecution case against Manning puts American media on "enemies list"


5 Responses to “Prosecution case against Manning puts American media on "enemies list"”

  1. crenquis says:

    Nothing to see here — go back to your prolefeed.
    Minipax unbellyfeel unperson Manning… Miniluv crimestop Press. 

  2. snapdragon says:

    Damn, I love that The New Yorker uses a diaresis in cooperate. It’s just so f-ing quaint.

  3. pseudoacacia says:

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. All declining empires follow a similar course.

  4. Steve Nordquist says:

    - Support constitutional democracy worldwide.
    - Let no one know who we were.
    - The Elder Gods will not suffer critical angst among their feedstock save it dons a Federal Sigil.
    - Do not act skittish about restocking the honeypot. It must be full at all times.

  5. r0b0_sk says:

    He gave information to the public. They accuse him that he gave information to the enemy. Therefore: public is the enemy.

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