Surveillance State: Maryland is Listening to You

Todd Krainin of Reason TV produced this mini-documentary about how "audio-visual recording technologies are fundamentally changing the privacy-versus-security debate in cities all across America." It's called "Surveillance State: Maryland is Listening to You."


  1. We need to get government out of the panopticon business so corporations can be freed to provide it in a more efficient and soul-crushing manner.

    1. Good one.

      Funny indeed how when Libertarians see big government as the big problem, they never seem to see how much its captains and managers listen to big (REALLY big) business.

        1. Yep, the very same liar, climate change/impact denier assholes.

          I guess “Reason” hopes to reel in more suckers by latching onto more populist issues like privacy rights and drug decriminalization while still shoving harmful corporatist agendas down their throats.

          They regrettably get to slime their way onto Boing Boing every now and then with these methods, I suppose.I personally wish everyone would ignore them so they can shrivel up and die.  There’s plenty of other sources out there that cover these issues without insidious ulterior motives in tow.

    2. But corporations will do everything they can to make it smell like fresh flowers and taste like honey.

      I have a gut feeling there are two things that there are a couple of things that subconsciously motivate leaders in the surveillance state. One is “We’re in the know, you’re not. We can do this and so we will.”

      The other is that human behavior often wants bigger and better, and with more people in the surveillance community, the more power the leaders feel they have. There tends to be a strong territorial streak in government, and if our spy agency can be bigger than the other guy’s spy agency, well then, we’ll just have to spend more money.

  2. This issue is around surveilled buses in the USA.  Is protecting people’s right to privacy in buses in the USA not a bit like defending a male’s right to an abortion?

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