Google Glass teardown with Star Simpson

"We destroyed Glass entirely, for you," says Star Simpson. Check out her Google Glass Teardown with Scott Torborg.

We eagerly brought Glass back to the lab to begin the dissection. Speculation reigned: what if the entire body of Glass is potted with epoxy requiring strong solvents to access? Which part is the battery in? How hackable is this thing? Where are the sensors? Any extra hardware features yet to be unlocked by future software updates? But first, where to even begin opening it? With no idea of what lay ahead, we started by removing the titanium frame from the pod that holds all the good stuff.

What's inside? “It's surprisingly simple,” she writes.


  1. At the risk of sounding jaded, there were only so many ways microelectronics could be crammed into a glasses frame and accomplish what Google Glass does. Geeks have been outlining these things since Neuromancer at least. That’s the problem with geeks; give us Borg technology, it’s still not a jet pack.


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  2. What about her?

  3. Seriously I am sure more than half of the female engineers at Google X are not white. Even the engineer who conducted hacking glass session at Google IO was asian.

    You just seem trying to project your biases to find some reason to hate it.

    1. You just seem trying to project your biases to find some reason to hate it.

      Or accurately reporting real life experiences without resort to apologetics.

      1. Wow

        The interesting part about the entire media attention around Google Glass is that most commentators have never used the device. And since only less than few thousand devices have been distributed it is unlikely that running into five – six people on street is any indication of inherent bias.
        Finally lets see
        1. I own a glass 
        2. I met several users when I went to pick them up 
        3. A quick look at the Google I/O sessions 
        4. Numerous members of the development team who can be found on social media

        So with a sample size of n ~ 50 I can assure you that my assessment is far more accurate.However at this stage the gender distribution is immaterial consider such a small population.

        1. No, remember, this is Boing Boing. You have to outraged by injustice whether or not it is present or you get banned. I’ve had my comments deleted and been banned for saying this before, so sayonara.

  4. Looking at the tear-down picture. It just looks so first-gen.  No wonder people will look like assholes when they use them.  Here in Amurca, we like our surveillance either above-board or totally under the table.  

    1. But of course. How many Star Simpsons are there who like to disassemble electronic stuff?

  5. I’ve probably seen five or six people wearing them here in Silicon Valley; all male, and I’d guess two were Asian.  (That’s not counting the “somebody brought one to a party and a bunch of people tried it on”, which increased the gender diversity.)

    (Of course, it’s also hard not to imagine what would happen if Star wore these to Logan Airport.  Any time I’ve seen her in the press she’s doing really cool stuff, even if airport thugs don’t get that.)

  6. Great story in the article linked in the linked article:

    Back in 2004, I was awakened early one morning by a loud clatter. I ran outside, only to discover that a car had smashed into the corner of my house. As I went to speak with the driver, he threw the car into reverse and sped off, striking me and running over my right foot as I fell to the ground. When his car hit me, I was wearing a computerized-vision system I had invented to give me a better view of the world. The impact and fall injured my leg and also broke my wearable computing system, which normally overwrites its memory buffers and doesn’t permanently record images. But as a result of the damage, it retained pictures of the car’s license plate and driver, who was later identified and arrested thanks to this record of the incident.

    Bitchslapped by serendipity : )

  7. the first time i see someone wearing that shit, i am going to smash it off their fucking face. geotagging my facial features is not a neutral act.

  8. Now I realize that this will vary from person to person and location to location but a very quick Google Image search for “Google Glass” yields (not counting Google’s press pictures):

    – 50% female,
    – 20% East Asian,
    – 10% black.

  9. The one time I saw a Google Glass being used in the wild, it felt weird and vaguely offputting. Given that I’m usually very pro-gadget and tech, I’m trying to figure out what that means.

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