Evidence-based pregnancy and birth information


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  1. drmeglet says:

    And for afterwards, here’s the excellent evidence-based breastfeeding/parenting site: http://www.kellymom.com

  2. IronEdithKidd says:

    That website should be spun in gold instead of swathed in pink.  Nice find, Maggie!

  3. dragonfrog says:

    Yeah, and no.  I mean, it’s a great improvement over much of what’s out there…

    But at the same time - http://www.childbirthconnection.org/article.asp?ck=10299 - doesn’t make at all clear the differences of kind, degree, or evidentiary strength, behind fetal harm from 
    - alcohol (light use: no indication of harm; heavy use: aaaaah scary) vs. 
    - cannabis (there is some slight evidence that maybe kids whose moms used cannabis in pregnancy end up a little less advanced in analytic intelligence, but also maybe a little more advanced in emotional and linguistic intelligence, and then again that may all just be down to different parenting styles correlating with cannabis use)

  4. Andrea James says:

    Now if only they had a section for twins/multiples. Sigh.

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