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Peacelove sez, "The good folks at need your help naming the 2014 Cannabis Legalization Act. The Act itself has been open source written (the full text can be seen and modified) and is aiming to be the most tightly-crafted, airtight act possible. Finding the right name is crucial, too. I like 'Cannabis & Hemp Freedom Act of 2014," since it contains the correct and underused names for the plant and combines them with 'Freedom,' something for which I think a lot of Americans would like the chance to vote YES."

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  1. miasm says:

    The 'Don't Fuck It Up This Time' Act of 2014.

  2. Alex3917,

    The group you speak of CCPR, is aware of our activity, and has agreed to support us if we make the ballot.

    The Cannabis and Hemp Freedom Act, was started as an open-source, grassroots project, intending to combine the valuable content and lessons learned from the previous attempts in California, and to bring everyone together on the "same page" with the next Legalization initiative.

    Our first step was to solicit input from the roughly 1,000 members of the forum. As a result of the extensive input and recommendations from hundreds of advocates throughout the state, the CHFA was initiated. Open meetings were held in San Jose and reported on to the forum. Specific input was requested at each event. Dozens of key advocates from all over California attended and provided recommendations, expertise and content.

    Prominent industry legal experts and Advocates not previously contacted or met with were identified and singled out for direct contact. They were each offered the opportunity to contribute their own ideas and content to the Initiative.

    This was to be a separate effort so as to help avoid past mistakes. It was intended to institute new ideas, current language and the open-source concept so that everyone had the chance to have their say and be a part of the process. In the last few months, the CHFA has progressed to near completion. Final requests for input are being made. Anyone can still contribute their own comments and ideas. The google doc is located at

    We need to learn the lessons from Prop 19 & the 2012 election. We must make sure everyone get's a say in this next Initiative! If you read the initiative and don't like something, let us know now before we file! This way we can change it and move forward.

    The Cannabis and Hemp Freedom Act of 2014 is a reality and available to everyone. There are few short months until the final document will be prepared for submission to the 2014 California ballot. Now is the time to help yourself and all Californians secure your rights and freedom to use cannabis and hemp.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Hodges

  3. United States Actualizing Pot As Taxable and Regulated Industry through Overt Tolerance.

    no one will vote against the USAPATRIOT act.

    or the analogous CAPATRIOT act, for now.

  4. Rainy Day act #12 & 35

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