New poll suggests more Americans see Snowden as whistleblower, not traitor

Scott Shane in the New York Times: "It is still unclear whether Mr. Snowden, the 30-year-old former N.S.A. contractor now holed up at a Moscow airport, will escape punishment. But he has succeeded in opening the government spying’s trade-offs between civil liberties and security to the broadest and best-informed public debate in many years, even as intelligence officials are horrified at the exposure of their methods and targets." A new poll out this week suggests that up to 55% of Americans see Snowden as a whistleblower, rather than a traitor.

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  1. This is largest case of domestic espionage that has ever occurred in world history. The vast amount of law breaking and violations of the constitution is so great it can only be described as treason by the last two presidents and the NSA. Snowden has served his country with the cost of his life. No matter where Snowden is he will never experience freedom again.

    I don't care about Snowden as a topic anymore. I care about what the NSA is doing, when it's gong to stop, and when the people that setup this country destroying system are tried in court. No debates - prosecutions.

  2. Amazing the number of people running interference for the NSA and the government with Snowden's 'treason'. I've heard him described as a traitor and simply an asshole with ulterior motives(things like "He's just looking to get a juicy book deal!") but no real care to understand what he showed us...

  3. Oh I can answer that one. There will never be any prosecutions, ever.

  4. I don't care about Snowden as a topic anymore

    You should, because the chilling effect from the way our government is treating him and other whistleblowers is very palpable. Journalists are shrinking away from investigative journalism as we speak. And, I can assure you that there's more whistleblowers out there who are rethinking the effect this all will have on their families, etc. if they come forward.

    I commend your concern for the NSA spying itself and it's appreciated here, but please also try to understand the significance of Snowden's case as well. It's very interrelated to our overall outcomes as a republic down the road. Snowden's whistleblowing is just the tip of the iceberg, don't thwart others from coming forward by losing interest in his welfare.

  5. So much time spent analysing the postman, so little time spent reading the damn letter.

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