Why do mosquitoes prefer to eat some people over others?

If you seem to be the target of bloodsucking attention, there are two biological systems you can blame — your microbial flora, and/or your immune system. Your particular mix of skin bacteria play a big role in determining how well mosquitoes can smell you (and whether you smell delicious). Meanwhile, your immune system controls your allergic response — or lack thereof — to mosquito bites. If you never get red welts to go with the biting, it's easy to think that you're not getting bitten as often as someone who does.

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  1. Anecdotal as hell, but everyone I know that's O- (self included) seems to be a mosquito magnet. If I'm sitting around a camp fire with a bunch of people, I'm the one that gets bit and everyone else is pretty much left alone. For no good reason I know a fair number of other people with O- (shouldn't, seeing as we're all of 5% of the planet's population), and they all report experiencing the same thing.

  2. Why do mosquitoes prefer to eat some people over others?

    Why does anyone?

  3. I guess I'm just allergic, as I constantly have mosquito bites after spending time outside. My southern born hubby claims it's due to my being born in the north, though.

  4. Man it is anecdote city up in here.

    How about some of you folks line up for science! Just get a big box (maybe with another box to act as an airlock), fill it with mosquitos, then take turns entering for 1 minute each. Count bites upon exit.

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