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  1. miasm

    No nested indenting of lists.

    No direct self reference of lists.

    No reference to lists out-with the direct causal relationship of lists; if a list must refer to another list in the heterarchy, it must instead refer to lists which can refer to the desired list on its behalf.

    No sentient lists. Lists must not be observed to consciously create other lists and then refer to or create nests of other collections of lists, whether list or human created.

    No secret lists. Lists must be observable by the conscious portion of the list generating entity at all times. Hidden, obfuscated (whether hidden in plain sight or not) and otherwise sub-conscious lists will not be tolerated.

    Sub-conscious lists must observe all indenting and self-reference rules as observed by conscious lists and lists of which consciousness is aware, list or human.

    Sub-conscious lists of which no list is aware or referred to and which refer to other lists which do not match this criteria, whether conscious, unconscious, human or list must not be listed, except when referring to groups of lists which self-refer in a way which emulates consciousness or list-ness.

    Sub-conscious lists which do not refer to conscious lists, references, sub-consciousness or consciousness and do not refer to themselves must not be listed.

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