Closing arguments continue in Bradley Manning trial, verdict may come as soon as weekend

A ruling in the Bradley Manning court-martial could come as early as this weekend from the military Judge, Col. Denise Lind. Reporters are back at Ft. Meade for what is likely to be the final day of closing arguments and proceedings before that decision happens. Yesterday, press reported of newly extreme policing of their activities by armed military guards, which was later found to be the result of an order by the judge. Below, a few morning tweets from news reporters, bloggers, and artists who are back at it again today. Army Internet has been periodically shut off for press, and they're not allowed to bring their own mobile internet devices.

Notable Replies

  1. Unfortunately I think we can all predict the verdict.

  2. Of course we can. He did break the law. Regardless of how we feel about the moral aspect of his actions, he broke the law. Compare to the Zimmerman case - few people believe a young man should have died that day, but from a strictly legal aspect, Zimmerman acted within the law. If you find that example distasteful, consider that it's legal for banks and corporations to be up to their usual tricks of screwing us all over. It's legal, and that's really all that matters, right?

  3. Summary execution carried out by the judge?

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