14-year-girl stands up to Monsanto shill

[Video Link] Kevin O’Leary, co-host of the CBC business news program The Lang and O’Leary Exchange uses every dirty trick in the book to try to derail an articulate 14-year-old girl named Rachel Parent, who advocates for GMO food labeling. Every time, the girl keeps her cool and stays on track.

The conversation got ugly when O’Leary accused Parent of being a “lobbyist” against GMOs and then equated her position of questioning GMOs to somehow supporting malnutrition and the death of children. Remaining cool-headed and composed throughout his harangue, Parent countered that people have a basic right to know what’s in our food and explained she has no vested interest in honest food labeling. She then highlighted the most basic facts for O'Leary: genetically engineered crops don’t actually out-produce organic crops, GMOs are treating human beings as lab rats, and consumers have a right to know what they're buying or eating.

TV Host Bully Shot Down By Cool 14-Year-Old Activist

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  1. So why do the GMO if it's the same thing?

  2. At the end of the day, I think this is more about method than message. Is some of what she's saying not correct? Sure. You can argue that. What you can't argue is that the talking head debating her is having circles run around him by a 14-year-old girl who won't take his logical fallacies.

    I have never seen a more blatant attempt at just changing the subject to score points. She doesn't believe in GMO crops, but she doesn't state that she thinks they should be stopped. She believes they should be labeled, and yet, the host repeatedly attacks her with such appeals to emotion as "what do you say to a child your age who is going to die?"

    It was great to watch these methods fail so miserably against a kid. Speaks volumes to the level of discourse, and this is CANADA. The US level is so much below this it's not even funny. Bill O'Reilly would have yelled at her and cut off her mic.

    So, ultimately, she gets a 5/10 for facts but a 10/10 for debate & logic. At least she didn't resort to "when are you going to stop beating your wife" tactics.

  3. You know what's in GMO corn and soy? Corn and soy, plus a few additional proteins one would not expect to find in them without such technology; a variant EPSPS from Agrobacterium is a popular example. That is after all the whole reason people are interested in them. Would it really be so bad to acknowledge that, the way we mention citric acid or trisodium phosphate in other foods?

  4. Later stupid attempts by O'Leary:
    - You don't like accepting the safety of GMOs based on tests done by parties with financial interests in approving GMOs, why are you anti-science?

    - I hate to see kids form their own opinions. You can just get older and see more of the issues, coming to my wise decisions which I'm too important to actually lay out, because reasons.

    And she swatted them all down. 14-year-owned.

  5. Another example from the Kevin-O'Leary-Acts-Like-Asshole-Gets-Schooled genre:

    O'Leary vs. Chris Hedges back in the OWS days.

    It gives me a pain right here every time I remember that my taxes pays that detestable prick's salary. Not that he needs it.

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