An "urban legend" documented in the scientific literature

Mafeteng Districts Hospital, Lesotho, 1988. A young woman comes in with a stomach ache. Turns out, she's pregnant and in labor. The problem: She has no vagina. Just a uterus, with no path to the outside. So how'd she get pregnant to begin with? Oh, yes. It involves oral sex and a knife fight.

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  1. All the best pregnancies start with oral sex and a knife fight.

  2. If you ever think you had a hard life, try to imagine yourself as this girl. Starved, works in a bar, stabbed in the gut at 15, no vagina, got teen pregnant anyway. That is a hard life right there.

  3. Is there a velociraptor in this story?

  4. This story is from 1987, and finally made its way to Boing Boing. But I'm still leaning toward urban legend; a cursory web search reveals no references to "aplastic distal vagina" except other copies of this story.

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