This Day in Blogging History: Wombat & roo BFFs; Klingon knife scares the Daily Mail; Where's the Pentagon's money go?

One year ago today
Wombat and kangaroo love: An orphaned wombat and kangaroo are unlikely BFFs at the Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.

Five years ago today
Klingon knife scares the crap out of dumb British scandal-sheet: The Daily Mail has a hilariously breathless account of a giant stainless steel Klingon fighting-knife received by police during a knife-amnesty; to hear them tell of it hooded thugs are roaming the streets with Klingon duelling swords looking for little old ladies to terrorise.

Ten years ago today
How does the Pentagon spend its yearly $400 million?: The Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General has reported that DOD has not and will not account for $1.1 trillion of "undocumentable adjustments."