Wombat and kangaroo love

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An orphaned wombat and kangaroo are unlikely BFFs at the Wildabout Wildlife Rescue Centre in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia. This photo from the Wildabout Wildlife page on Facebook. Revel in more of the cuteness in photographer Rob Leeson's slideshow at the Herald Sun. (Thanks Gabe Adiv!)


    1.  Well, then you can’t come to the birthday party I’m planning for them. And the little hats are going to be AMAZING!

      1. Fez hats hopefully. 
        Looks like the only thing they know is each other is comforting. Is there any greater comfort in life then that belief of your significant other?

  1. Wombat Power!

    I just noticed that the wikipedia entry for wombats mentions their distinctive cubic faeces. See this for more details:

    1. First time I’ve ever heard this phrase:  “I’ve used the model to make a range of jelly wombat scats”.   Delivered with sincerity and conviction, no less.  

      1. Who says there’s nothing worth tuning in for on Friday nights?  My favorite comment from the YouTube page: “I’m in the weird part of YouTube again.”

        Oddly enough, that video was immensely satisfying as well as edifying.  I’m awfully glad that human curiosity truly knows no bounds.

    1. Liberal elite nonsense. If wombat & kangaroo were to actually develop a legitimate relationship, their mutual biology has ways to shut that whole thing down. 

  2. Adorable yes but I just want to let people know wild (and caged) Kangaroos are absolutely filthy, smelly beasts especially where there’s a lot of them.  This one looks clean though however I do wonder how prudent it is to be pals with something with nails like that Wombat has.  It looks like a friendly tussel could easily turn into a life-long scar.

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