Christmas sweaters featuring Satan, sasquatch, etc.


NewImageShredders offers delightful intarsia sweaters with ironic, crass, and fun designs. You might think I'd be all about the Sasquatch Knit Bigfoot sweater but I prefer the Satanic Knit Baphomet design!

Notable Replies

  1. Pretty, pretty please let them come up with one of these with the classic Misfits skull logo. Bonus points for Stars of David and a Chanukkah color theme.

  2. pesco says:

    Misfits "Crimson Ghost" skull is a brilliant idea.

  3. I saw a man wearing a Baphomet Sub-Genius t-shirt this summer, looked very hip. It is unfortunate Baphomet has become misrepresented as Satan but once everyone believes the lie...

  4. If it was a Cthulhu sweater based on the Elder Ones, the neck hole might be missing, too.

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