Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill perform "So Watcha Want"

In 1992, the Beastie Boys appeared on the Arsenio Hall show to perform "So Watcha Want," with Cypress Hill. I'd never seen this before and it's just great.

beastie boys + cypress hill arsenio hall so watcha want 1992 (Thanks, Fipi Lele!) music,videos,old school,youtube,happy mutants

Notable Replies

  1. What a shitty noisy insult to actual "music".

  2. Wow, pretty well crushed it. Too bad there weren't more collaborations between these two groups, they go well together.

  3. Sorry, but YOUR musical tastes don't define anyone's else's. Deal with it. These 2 bands didn't become successful by no one buying their records - lol...

  4. De gustibus non est disputandum, biotch.

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