Micah F. Lee: 'Don’t Succumb to Security Nihilism'

The stories today in the NYT and Guardian on the NSA's ability to uncloak a lot of encrypted internet communications should not inspire you to "Give up and decide that privacy is dead," says Micah F. Lee of the EFF and Freedom of the Press Foundation. "We need to stop using commercial crypto. We need to make sure that free software crypto gets serious security and usability audits. If we do this right we can still have privacy in the 21st century. If we give up on security because of this we will definitely lose." [micah.f.lee]

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  1. jjsaul says:

    Is the EFF giving any particular software a stamp of approval?

    Seems like it's time for "paranoid linux" - is there any possibility that a single, nearly bulletproof distro could give justifiable confidence to unsophisticated users?

  2. This "paranoid Linux" would not have any networking support.

  3. jjsaul says:


    From that link: "End-to-End Encryption of Specific Emails [...] Probably the easiest way to start using GnuPG is to use Mozilla Thunderbird with the Enigmail plugin. You can find the quick start guide for installing and configuring Enigmail here."

    The link from the text: https://www.enigmail.net/documentation/quickstart.php

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