Early LOST writers' guide is a tribute to self-delusion

Zack sez, "After writing, casting and shooting the pilot for LOST in less than six weeks, how did J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof prepare the show to go to series? Here's a PDF of the guide for writers in how to conceive stories...almost all of which went out the window, including a promise that the show would be 'self-contained,' the plans to make the show's base a 'jungle' set (built on a soundstage) and that Locke has 'A PLAN' (he didn't). It's a fascinating look at how to create a structure for a TV show -- and the changes that can happen once that show actually gets made."

(Thanks, Zack!)

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  1. So, it's like Gilligan's Island on steroids.

    All artists know that initial ideas are just to get the juices flowing. Faith to one's initial impulse is not the best approach to being creative.

  2. I can't wait for the ending of LOST to finally air.

  3. For season two, the series bible was shortened to:

    "They're there for a long long time. They'll have to make the best of things. It's an uphill climb."

    And then:

    "When in doubt, make shit up that keeps them watching."

  4. "Yes - character arcs (romances, alliances, grudges) carry over the scope of a season, but the plots
    will not. Viewers will be able to drop in at any time and be able to follow exactly what's going on
    in a story context."


  5. It's a Cop Show!
    It's a Lawyer Show!
    It's a Floor Wax!
    It's a Dessert Topping!

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