New miracle cure for basically everything, including cancer, discovered! (video)

Check out this one weird trick. No, seriously, this is a video by Gemma Arrowsmith, "Sketches in my Flat," mocking pseudoscience and health quackery on the internet. (HT: @ELLICSR)

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  1. It's only a matter of time before Big Placebo and the Marijuana Oil syndicate rub her out for muscling in on their turf.

  2. This is encouraging news for those of us who already spend time at our desk staring blankly a tubs of pens.

  3. Let's not lose sight of what's really important here, which is how cool of a name Gemma Arrowsmith is.

  4. I won't believe her until she's on Dr. Oz. Or the Jenny McCarthy show.

  5. A few thoughts here. One - many people confuse "Homeopathic" with "natural." There are a LOT of natural medicines out there that are effective - and plenty that aren't, of course. Homeopathy is something else ENTIRELY, and doesn't include active ingredients.

    There's one other thing.

    If it works, there will be evidence.

    Yes, if anyone has bothered to pay for it and perform a study. And in a lot of 'natural' cases, there's no profit motive, so studies often don't happen.

    As a result, there are plenty of things out there that DO work that haven't been adequately studied. Would I suggest you try them? No, I wouldn't. But - "There is no study showing that it is effective" is not synonymous with "It is not effective."

    Now, when there's a study (or a series of studies) that show a particular natural remedy ISN'T effective, that's obviously a different matter. (If, of course, the studies were well run, and didn't use some totally different and incorrect application of the natural medicine that barely resembles the original treatment method).

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