JOHN WILCOCK COMIC: Woody Allen's Analysis

The conclusion of John's evening with a young Woody Allen, as Woody volunteers himself to be analyzed during a night of PSYCHODRAMA.

By Persoff and Marshall

Happy Halloween from the John Wilcock Comic — Ethan and Scott

Read part one to this story, Woody Allen and Doctor Moreno's Theater of the Psychodrama.

Published 7:53 am Thu, Oct 31, 2013

About the Author


Ethan Persoff (Twitter) is a cartoonist, based in Austin TX. His other comic project is Radio Wire.

Scott Marshall (Facebook) is an illustrator, sound artist, and art director, based in New York City. Previous projects include audio work for Woody Allen (Small Time Crooks), and two scores for full-length dance pieces by choreographer Lar Lubovitch (Men's Stories, The Black Rose).

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