Taiwanese special forces

Here's the new Taiwanese Special Forces uniform -- what all the smart hypermilitarized coppers are wearing this year.

まるでホラー「台湾の特殊部隊」のいかつさは異常 (via JWZ)

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  1. Glitch says:

    I'm confused.

    Mr. Doctorow calls these men the "Taiwanese Special Forces", but then refers to them as "hypermilitarized coppers". This doesn't make much sense, as the term "Special Forces" denotes Soldiers and the Military, not Police.

    Furthermore, clicking through to view the entire image gallery, it seems clear that these are in fact soldiers - they're being transported in military trucks, and their uniforms clearly show military insignia and patches.

    So where do Police enter into the equation? Is it merely the fact that the uniforms are black, and thus evocative of SWAT and other "tactical" non-military units and such? Have I missed some vital bit of clarifying information somewhere? frowning

  2. The trend seems to be lots of trolling on Boing lately. If you don't like what you see, go somewhere else.

  3. Ehem... but I'm compelled to say:


  4. Man, this takes me back to the "Hello, Kitty" riot in Taipei when I was there. It was brutal!

    McDonald's was running a Happy Meal promotion where Hello Kitty and her boyfriend (Dear Daniel) got dressed up in different wedding gear each week and were sold along with the meal. It was a huge success. People bought tons of Happy Meals to get the collector's items and dumped the burgers in the nearest trash bins. The three-legged stray dogs of Taiwan dined like kings on that stuff every Wednesday when the new batch came out.

    By the time they went through the Korean, North American, Chinese and so on wedding outfits the fad was at a fever pitch. The last one in the series was the Outer Space wedding where the couple were in darling retro space suits with bubble-tops. The issue was instantly sold out and distressed hordes were being turned away by 10 am. Then some bright spark noted that there was now a McDonald's inside of the museum downtown (not the huge one but the little one) and that the museum didn't open up on Wednesdays until noon.

    An enormous line-up formed between the velvet ropes and gazed expectantly through the glass doors at the McDonald's El Dorado before them. At 11:30 the McDonald's staff started to arrive and, to the horror of their audience, started to blatantly stuff their backpacks with Hello Kitty Outer Space Wedding kits!!

    One concerned citizen screamed "They can't do that!!" and chucked one of the velvet rope stands through the front doors to get at the miscreants. This set off an alarm at Taipei Riot Squad Central down the block. The shock troops arrived in about 2 minutes and began to liberally apply water cannons, and tear and riot gas.

    The coda to the whole bloody incident was delivered by a Local Man interviewed by Taipei Action News - his face in his hands, swollen with gas, and blood pouring down the side of it: "I hate that damned cat!"

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