New Rob Ford video: Laughable Fumblebuck drops a gigaton of F-bombs

A new video of Toronto Mayor Rob "Laughable Bumblefuck" Ford has surfaced. For a change, the mayor is not smoking crack in this video. Instead, he's incredibly drunk, and vowing to graphically murder his critics, while swearing in a way that is surprising for its creativity and imaginativeness, if not its sobriety.

In this profanity-laden, 77-second video, Ford is seen pacing about the dining room of a house, threatening death to an unnamed enemy, ranting and gesticulating wildly. A person off camera, who is encouraging Ford’s behaviour, tells him to wait until “after the byelection,” an apparent reference to the byelection Ford wanted the city to hold to replace departed deputy mayor Doug Holyday.

The reference to the by-election puts the timing of the video sometime in August.

The need to replace deputy mayor Holyday came on August 1 when he became a provincial legislator. City council voted on August 26 to choose his successor by appointment instead of the $250,000 byelection Ford said was the more democratic choice.

Similar to the crack video the Star witnessed in May, Ford’s words switch rapidly from being easily heard to incomprehensible.

“I am a sick motherf--ker, dude,” says Ford, rolling up the cuffs of his collared shift up to his elbow. “Like no one’s gonna f--k around with me.”

At points in the video, Ford is incoherent and unintelligible. He appears to say that unidentified critics call him and his brothers “birds.”

Rob Ford caught in video rant [Kevin Donovan, David Bruser and Jesse McLean/The Star]

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  1. I'm just going to drop this off:

  2. Crack's a helluva drug. Also, this really makes me miss Chris Farley.

  3. Do we really need to take jabs at the man's physical appearance, given all the stupid shit he's said and done for us to mock?

  4. Somewhere in the world, a Toronto native is really regretting wasting one of the three wishes a genie gave them on "I wish Toronto would be noticed more by the rest of the world".

  5. I think you've made it pretty clear you don't read the site. I thought that was your thing, completely uninformed disagreement. Are you sure you want to change it to insulting your hosts? Because you're not so good at it.

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