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  1. This pencil fetish, I don't get it ... is this some designer/artist thing or are those pencils somehow so special that a normal dude writing a shopping list or doodling while on the phone profits from them?

  2. I'm sure it's a very nice pencil that I would happily snag if someone let me borrow it. Then I'd realize they cost almost two bucks a pop and I'd feel a little guilty.

  3. I heard the Haunted Mansion is totally made out of these.

  4. In art school one hears endlessly about line quality. It is what separates a good drawing from a great one. These pencils are like using a Martin guitar. You think you get the same results from a dime store guitar shaped box? No.

    It is about the quality of the mixture used to produce the lead. The Blackwing or other better pencils glide across the paper in a way that just feels good and leaves behind a line that has expression just like you intended.

    I don't draw much anymore. Loved these things when I did.

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