Man makes explosives from things purchased in post-security-check airport stores

Matthew says: "Evan Booth builds weapons with materials purchased in an airport terminal, past the security screening. Here's a frag grenade built with a coffee mug, batteries, and a condom."

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  1. Okay, the fraggucchino is somewhat of a novelty.
    Apart from that, not exactly a surprise.
    And if you're not that much into assembling tricky stuff: buy a couple of bottles of booze or wine, smash them - voilá perfect weapon for hand-to-hand in confined spaces.

  2. I'm not sure there are enough air quotes in the world for this, but here goes:

    "Frag Grenade"

  3. Every person who watches this video will be place under intense surveillance to see if they become terrorists.

    Every person who doesn't watch this video will ALSO be placed under intense surveillance, under the assumption that anyone who doesn't watch it must have already been trained.

    @all the comments regarding the effectiveness of this "weapon", terrorists don't have to hurt or kill anyone, just terrorize them. Or trick their government into thinking they were terrorized. I think this would meet minimum specifications.

  4. Clearly we need to ban chemistry. Not just learning about chemistry of course, but chemistry itself. Think of the children.

  5. bryan says:

    Ah, but can he make a palatable meal from things acquired only in the airplane’s galley? That would take a whole lot more than mere chemistry and engineering.

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