Amnesty petition to release Chelsea Manning

Alan sez, "Amnesty International have a petition up that asks for the release of Manning. The petition argues that both on humanitarian grounds and on account of the pre-trial treatment, Manning is deserving of a clemency release."

We, the undersigned, support Amnesty International’s letter calling for clemency for Chelsea Manning.

- Private Manning has accepted responsibility for her actions and claims she was acting in the public interest.

- The materials leaked by Manning reveal potential human rights violations and breaches of international humanitarian law by US troops, Iraqi and Afghan forces operating alongside US forces, military contractors, and the CIA.

- The severity of the sentence imposed on Private Manning is more harsh than that imposed on some members of the military who have been convicted of serious crimes, including murder, rape and war crimes.

- Private Manning has already served more than three years in pre-trial detention, including 11 months in conditions acknowledged as breaching military standards, and condemned as cruel and inhumane by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.

Support the Release of Chelsea Manning (Thanks, Alan!)

Notable Replies

  1. Speaking of petitions, what happened to the one where we try to force them to change the privacy laws? The one from last week? It hit the 100,000 mark. Where's the response to that one?

    Can anyone cite an example showing the positive result of one of these petitions?

  2. Elagie says:

    Please, they are not going to release Manning. Yes, there were reasons, perhaps. But what she did was a huge crime, any way you slice it. She (while still Bradley) knew that it was a crime and knew the repercussions for that crime and still chose to carry out that crime. Yes, the terms of confinement were harsh and arguably should garner some sort of benefit -- but there is no way in hell that it will be her release. It might mean a nicer cell, more flexible visitation or even, somewhere years down the road, an early release once so many people stop fanboying about it.

  3. Summary of comment thread so far: "Everyone knows petitions don't work, which is all the excuse I need to be smug about sitting around doing nothing."

  4. Will someone please think of the victims!

    (No, not the victims of the war crimes that Manning exposed. I mean the victims of… uh…)

  5. They're called human rights because they apply to ALL humans.

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