But what the spleen do?

A very important "What the Fox Say?" parody by students from the 2016 class of Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

And, for the record, the spleen is involved in filtering blood and recycling red blood cells and also serves as a storage reserve of white blood cells. Now you know.

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  1. I'd managed to avoid watching the original, but I watched this and had to see if the original was as annoying. It is. I'm going to have a Gangnam Style cleanser now. Or possibly something from Die Antwoord. Maybe even Rebecca Black's Friday.

  2. Very, very weird. For a french like myself "spleen" is a synonym for sadness or melancholy.
    something very sad. like that:

  3. It has a history of meaning that in English too, but unlike French where I think the organ got a different name, in English the name was applied to the organ I think because at some point in history they actually thought it did have a psychological component. Now totally curious about the two etymologies.

    Wish my French was better.

  4. I think that goes back to the Theory of Humours.

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