UK's Great Firewall of Cameron blocks sexual health, rape crisis centre, sex ed sites

The unaccountable, multi-million-pound feel-good porn filters that UK ISPs were ordered to install by the Prime Minister are (predictably) grossly overblocking the Web. Among the (predictable) victims: sites related to sexual health, sex education, and pornography "addiction." Also, rape crisis centres. Done in one, Davey, you've kept the nation's children safe with your insane political posturing.

Among the sites TalkTalk blocked as "pornographic" was, an award-winning British sex education site, which receives more than a million visits each year.

TalkTalk also lists Edinburgh Women's Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre website as "pornographic."

The company also blocked a programme ran by sex education experts, taught to 81,000 American children that has been in development for more than 20 years.

TalkTalk's filter is endorsed by Mr Cameron but it failed to block 7% of the 68 pornographic websites tested by Newsnight.

Sky's filter fared much better, blocking 99% of sites, but it did block six porn-addiction sites.

Porn filters block sex education websites [Mike Deri Smith/BBC]

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  1. Blocking crisis centers is one of the only things to get me frothing mad. Why is this guy still in charge? Doesn't England have some sort of confidence vote? You know what's more important than keeping pornography out of the hands of people? Pretty much everything else. Especially the food problem where a lot of British people are going hungry. But I guess feeding people isn't a moral imperative to this chucklefuck.

  2. You mean exactly what anyone who knows anything about the web said was going to happen happened, despite the politicians saying that they would make sure it doesn't?

  3. The one saving grace of the fact that this is happening in Limeyville is that we probably won't have some bible-thumping asshole get up to defend the situation on the grounds that a system that blocks sex ed, resources for victims of sexual violence, and pornography is pretty much exactly the "Traditional Family Values" that they were looking for.

  4. The tories have a stronger vested interest in pushing the agenda on all the consorship / tracking / spying on you peeing activity.

    Their job is to knit together the power-pockets of the country, to ensure the wealthy are protected from competition.

    It's really, really, really stupid. It's 16th century politics, it's 11th century, whatever, but it is not useful, to progress, society, even the very people they're trying to shore up.

    I welcome with open arms the evolvelution, the disruption, the chaos that will be generated when a hoard of individuals finally cracks simultaneously the manufacturing, coding, all economic activities, to circumvent the established order and leave them crying tears into their Dom Perignon.

    Don't get me wrong - I love champagne (rarely drink though, anything - too busy fomenting the revolution) - but the thought that a bright, capable, driven 13 year old in a local government school is destined for a life of grim uncertainty and criminal vergings simply infuriates me, and makes me hate on anything and everyone playing any part whatsoever in that pre-destination.

    May that 13 year old and his / her cohorts rise up and simply overwhelm the established disorder, the gangrenous, dysfunctional, unoptimal current 'status', and may every individual at every stage of life, economy, location, may they all do the same.

    And may the good lord, or Doctor Who, or whoever, bless us with future leadership that celebrates diversity and opportunity, progress and equity, a good life for all.

    If I hit that firewall while urgently seeking assistance on an important matter, and it slows me down, I'm going to get very, very cross indeed. nick clegg lives a mile away - I shall knock on his door and have a word.

  5. Thank you, that link will be useful. Not because I live in the UK. Not because I surf for porn. But because I've engaged in arguments here in Canada about why we shouldn't have similar legislation. My arguments were basically A) because stuff that isn't porn will also be blocked B) because things that are porn won't be blocked and C) because someone will find away around it within a week and make it available to any one else that wants it. Do I want' my daughter (who is nine) exposed to the worst the internet has to offer? Hell no. But I tackle that by keeping family computers in public parts of the house and keeping an open dialog with her about what web pages she goes to. Good parenting > imposed "safety" nets.

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