This Day in Blogging History: Gingerbread Saturn V; Christmas in Sololá, Guatemala; Blast Theory interview

One year ago today
Gingerbread Saturn V rocket: Matt sez, "For Christmas I decided to make a model Saturn V out of gingerbread. This one's 40 inches tall."

Five years ago today
Honoring Our Elders: Snapshots from Christmas in Sololá, Guatemala: Upon receiving his gift, centenarian Don Juan expressed thanks to Ajaw (the Mayan creator god) and to the givers of the gift who had "the good conscience to remember the forgotten elders."

Ten years ago today
On Your Mark, Get Set, Unwire! Xeni caught up with Blast Theory cofounder Matt Adams for a chat about the wireless games his company develops -- high-adrenaline, multiplayer roleplaying experiences like "Can You See Me Now" and "Uncle Roy is All Around You."