Gingerbread Saturn V rocket

Matt sez, "For Christmas I decided to make a model Saturn V out of gingerbread. This one's 40 inches tall. I'm waiting for my niece and nephew to show up before we paint the flag and 'USA' on the sides."

Gingerbread Saturn V


14 Responses to “Gingerbread Saturn V rocket”

  1. dpamac says:

    I hope they plan on eating it from the bottom up. I mean, you have to eat the stages in order.

  2. Matt Baker says:

    Here’s the time lapse video of building the gingerbread rocket..

  3. benher says:

    Impressive considering the “greying” of Nasa… soon there will be no engineers left who can even build or operate a gingerbread Saturn V…

  4. silkox says:

    Excellent engineering choice for the thing to help people escape really fast if there’s a problem and everything is on fire so they decide not to go to space.

  5. Stooge says:

    So who ate the marzipan launch tower?

  6. Zack Jackowski says:

    Hopefully your gingerbread LEM be of much higher quality than ours!

  7. habbi1974 says:

    reminds me of tower of Pisa, but I still cannot figure why.

  8. awjt says:

    Fill it up with Karo-sene!

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