The real story of Ronald Reagan's "welfare queen"


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  1. halloween_jack_

    Read this on Slate, and it's a pretty incredible story, not only of "Linda Taylor" and the dizzying layers of deceptions that she practiced over decades, but also the whole "welfare queen" thing. It's still defensible, I think, to say that Reagan lied, as he often did about factual matters (the book There He Goes Again: Ronald Reagan's Reign of Error was first published in 1983); the figures he reports in his radio address are well in excess of what was originally reported in the Tribune, which in turn is far above what was legally indictable.

    What's really remarkable to me is how and why the Tribune turned a serious criminal investigation, with its possibility of Taylor marrying and killing men for their estates and even kidnapping children, into a case of welfare fraud. It's worth noting how furious the police detective who was investigating the case was when the Tribune broke the news.

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