This Day in Blogging History: Jim Woodring's Problematic sketchbook; Citizen reporters and Gaza invasion; Spirit lands on Mars

One year ago today
Excerpt from Jim Woodring's Problematic sketchbook: "an idea battery loaded with shorthand references to long game insights": There are many reasons to be grateful to be alive, and owning this brand new facsimile edition of artist Jim Woodring's Moleskine sketchbooks is as good as any.

Five years ago today
Israel Invades Gaza: Online coverage, "citizen reporter" resources: Today, the Israeli government sent ground troops into Gaza, after an intense 8-day air offensive on Hamas.

Ten years ago today
Hello, Spirit: Mars landing successful: NASA's "Spirit" Exploration Rover appears to have arrived safely on the red planet this evening. The robot geologist touched down, sending back a simple message of its landing.