Congress calls on Schneier to give it answers that the NSA won't

Congress has grown so weary of the NSA's duck-and-weave routine when asked to explain its spying that yesterday, six members of Congress called in Bruce Schneier to give it the answers that the NSA can't or won't give. Schneier, who's seen some of the Snowden leaks, called the meeting "surreal" and "extremely freaky."

Notable Replies

  1. At least those six Congresscritters are aware that whistleblowers (and confederates) are inherently more reliable in answering truthfully than the agency upon whom the whistle was blown.

  2. Fucking shut down the NSA already.

  3. IMB says:

    So much theater without an audience. For crissakes, how are we supposed to vote for people representing us, who are voting on things for us, that we haven't a clue about? How do they represent us, on our positions on policy, if the policy is an absolute secret? Even if all of congress knew everything, and these people obviously didn't, how can we have an offshoot of government working independently without any input from citizenry who pay for it?

  4. Because the agency knows everything that they (congress members) are doing?

  5. LDoBe says:

    Wait... are you saying that the NSA is giving us the homeopathic truth?

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