This Day in Blogging History: A time for silence for Aaronsw; Coat made of teddy; Resetting Palmos devices

One year ago today
Lessig: "A Time For Silence," for Aaron Swartz: I apologize for the silence. I am sorry for the replies I will not give. Aaron was wrong about very few things, but he was wrong to take his life. I have to return to mine, and to the amazingly beautiful creatures who are trying to pull me back.

Five years ago today
Teddy coat, belt of belts, jean-sneakers -- the designs of Sebastian Errazuriz: Designer Sebastian Errazuriz has a real knack for whimsical and clever designs that make you giggle and covet at the same moment.

Ten years ago today
PalmOS reset primer: The reason it takes a while to get the general preference screen after a soft reset is that the OS notifies every app on your device that a soft reset has occurred.