While you were sleeping, a new supernova appeared in the sky

The bright ball at the right hand end of the Cigar Galaxy is, probably, what it looks like when an old, cold, dense husk of a star (aka a "white dwarf") explodes 12 million light years away. It may not look as impressive as you'd imagine, but astrophysicists were extremely excited when this likely supernova appeared in the sky last night. The big question now: Is it the result of one white dwarf going boom, or two white dwarfs crashing into each other?

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  1. I was'nt sleeping... I swear, just resting my eyes

  2. xkcd recently had a "What If" about supernovae that mentioned the rule of thumb for how energetic they are: However big you think supernovae are, they're bigger than that..

    His example was: What's brighter? A star going supernova as far away as the sun, or a hydrogen bomb going off on the surface of my eye?

    The supernova, by a factor of a trillion.

  3. it may have appeared as early as jan 14-15 so if you were imaging this thing, check if it's in your sub exposures. also if you are using a camera without anti blooming gates the data might have some scientific use...

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