Face-substitution in-browser with Javascript

Auduno's Face substitution webtoy uses Javascript libraries to map your face using your computer's webcam and overlay it with the faces of celebrities from Bill Murray to Justin Bieber to Rihanna to the Mona Lisa. It's an impressive example of cross-platform, in-browser application development, and suggests some pretty cool stuff on the horizon for Web-native apps. The sourcecode is on Github for your forking pleasure.

Face substitution (via Waxy)

Notable Replies

  1. 3 people just tried it. Didn't work for at all for me because of my goatee or for my black friend. kinda worked for 1 out of the three people we had test it...messed up looking, but kinda working.

    cool idea, the implementation just isn't there yet though.

  2. Wow, sound exactly like what David Foster Wallace predicted in Infinite Jest.

  3. Hmmm.. no privacy policy on the page there. Are we sure this just isn't a front from the NSA to associate faces with IP addresses?

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