How not to cut down a fallen tree

I hope he was OK. [Video Link via Arbroath]

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  1. IRMO says:

    I hop he wasn't hurt. And I hope he was an idiot and not a struggling worker obeying orders from a shitty contractor. Shit like this is why the good Lord gave us the gift of unions.

  2. Early 2014 nominee for a Darwin award?

  3. Oof. A good friend of mine would need a trigger warning for that. Her dad fell off a ladder and landed on his chainsaw. It was about as bad as you could imagine.

  4. All these years and I never realize those Wiley Coyote cartoons were actually documentaries.

  5. He’s not wearing a hard hat or proper ear protection (much less a safety harness,) I don’t see any caution tape marking off the area… so yeah, unfortunately it’s safe to say this is not a union jobsite. Lumberjacking is not unskilled labor.

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