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  1. Jardine

    I could probably do that on my road, but for some reason, assholes keep plowing it.

  2. bobizumi

    PEDANTIC NERD ALERT! Using "advanced" tools (google maps and timing the video from one point to another) it takes the sledder approx 10 seconds to cover 400 feet. (passes under traffic lights at 1:35s to crossing an easily distinguishable road sign/light at 1:45s) Around 27 miles/hour! The clue to making this possible comes when the sledder notes he's turning onto 54th street, giving me the cross-street to help locate his slide location. I'm amazed he got his speed that close (his 30 Mile/hour claim)

  3. NashRambler

    ". . .and there's a tree."

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