Bizarre Katie Britt now blaming Speaker Mike Johnson for her humiliating speech (video)

Alabama Sen. Katie Britt has tried everything from blaming Democrats to begging the MAGA mob for cash after her humiliating State of the Union response, but to no avail. She is still the butt of everyone's joke. So Britt, running out of options, is now blaming Speaker Mike Johnson for her incredibly strange speech that even fellow Republicans have bashed as weird and disastrous.

Britt, using her perfect baby fundy voice, said today that her "bizarre" response (as one Charlie Kirk follower put it) was Johnson's fault for encouraging her to give a rebuttal.

"He's like, don't worry, people are going to tell you horror stories about all of these things that happen, people's careers being blown up over it," she told Sen. Ted "Cancun" Cruz, known for his own humiliating stunts. "And he's like, it'll be fine." (See video below, posted by The Recount.)

And then, as if realizing she might have stepped in the stink again, the Alabama junior senator quickly backpedaled, praising Johnson for being "so kind" … [glitch] … before again pointing her finger at him. "But the irony, that he's like, 'Don't you worry.'"