Mozart's ear


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  1. digitalArtform

    That's decent painting. That guy was like some kind of genius or something.

  2. dexedge

    The watercolor is by an anonymous artist from around 1820 (Mozart died in 1791). The annotations "Mein Ohr" and "ein gewöhnliches Ohr" (an ordinary ear) were written by Mozart's son Franz Xaver. "Mein" was crossed out and "Mozarts" added by Georg Nikolaus von Nissen, the second husband of Mozart's wife Constanze. See Christoph Wolff, Mozart at the Gateway to His Fortune, p. 55, and the literature cited there.'s%20ear&pg=PA55#v=onepage&q=mozart's%20ear&f=false

    Mozart Ear is a congenital abnormality in the formation of the ear that Franz Xaver apparently inherited from his father. On Mozart Ear, see

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