Man with "tail" worshipped as god

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Chandre Oraon, of West Bengal, has a slew of worshippers because he reportedly was born with a tail. According to, his followers think Oraon may be the Hindi god Hanuman, a monkey-like humanoid. His tail looks suspiciously like hair to me, but what do I know. After all, it's rare but not unheard of for humans to be born with a "true tail."

Notable Replies

  1. Ooh, now I'm excited for season two of Orphan Black!

  2. He's hardly the only man whose tail has been deemed worthy of worship.

  3. Sadly, my parents bribed a local vet to have us all docked as children because we broke too many ornaments. And now it could have been a route to an easy career? A fucking sinecure as a minor deity?. Bah. Thanks Mother...

  4. Isn't that "just" a very long braided ponytail of, um, butt hair?

  5. I am sorry, but I find "very long braided ponytail of, um, butt hair" vastly more interesting than just some boring vestigial tail . . .

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