Immature taxonomy

This is Narcissus assoanus, a common flower found in France, Spain, and Portugal, and one of many snicker-worthy taxonomic names included on a list put together by journalist Joe Rojas-Burke.

Image: Wikimedia user Ghislain118, used via CC

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  1. I love ant names! They are so practical. Little black ant, crazy ant, red pavement ant, big-headed ant...

  2. I've always liked the dog-latin names for ants too. Your link's got a perfect example - Pheidole bigote, the Mexican Mustache ant!

    And it's hard to beat Tyrannomyrmex rex! I didn't know that one.

  3. Nice forum! I used to do work for the Academy of Natural Sciences, and my spouse has degrees in entomology and plant pathology, so we have more than a few entomologist friends.

    Have you read John Crompton's "Ways of the Ant?" It's terribly dated, but I like all of Crompton's natural history books.

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