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I use several corded power tools around the yard and garden such as a chain saw, leaf vacuum, hedge trimmer, etc. Many’s the time I would put off a chore using them because I would have to uncoil the 100′ of power cord and probably have to untangle/unkink it before using it. After the job was done, it would take another few minutes to coil up the power cord and try not to tangle it in the process.

A couple of types of cord reels I tried didn’t work particularly well. So I bought this weird looking cord winder a few years ago. After installing the wall mount near the power outlet in my garage and winding my cord into the basket, I was quite surprised to discover I could pull out the 100′ of power cord, tangle/kink free in about a minute to the end of my driveway. I would do my chore (usually the leaf vacuum for lawn clippings and leaves) and, in another minute or two I could wind up the cord, detach the cord winder from the wall mount and put it on the shelf. Those chores now get done when needed instead of being put off since the cord unwinding/re-winding takes so little time. -- Jim Service

Wonder Winder Hand Crank Extension Cord Winder: $20

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  1. Came here to post the over under method, saw it was already posted.

    This method really works awesome, though my old extension cables are permanently kinked from wrapping them the wrong way, which can make them a bit unwieldy to try to wrap with the proper method.

  2. As others have said, "flip-coiling" is the technique used by pros who are handling essential cables every day (16-channel audio snakes, for example). Iit's fast once you learn it, it minimizes damage to the cable, it minimizes tangling of the cable, and (unless your cable was previously kinked by coiling it the wrong ways) it makes a nice neat coil.

    It has the same benefits for ropes, garden hoses, and so on.

    A few minutes to learn, a lifetime of benefit.

  3. if you've ever done time in video production you will quickly be schooled/scolded if you wrap a cable incorrectly! after over a decade in the biz i wrap everything from extension cords to usb cables with the over under method. no need for fancy devices when your hands work more efficiently.

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