Make this tool to chill a beverage in 90 seconds

Chris Notap shows how to make a power drill attachment that lets you chill can of soda or beer in 90 seconds. It would take 20 minutes to cool a similar can simply by putting it in an ice bath. Read the rest

Cheap USB-C Hub lets me use my old devices with a new USB-C only Mac laptop

My MacBook Pro has 4 USB-C ports, only 2 of my peripherals use USB-C. This hub to the rescue.

Three standard USB ports and one USB-C power delivery port pretty much covers me. The HDMI port and card readers may come in useful later.

I can't remember the last time I took a CF card out of a digital camera. They seem to be put one in and leave it.

Thanks to this hub my mic and all my iPhone and Apple Watch charging crap can now be connected to my laptop again.

USB C Hub Multiport Adapter - 7 in 1 Portable Space Aluminum Dongle with 4K HDMI Output, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/Micro SD Card Reader Compatible for MacBook Pro, XPS More Type C Devices via Amazon Read the rest

Harbor Fright: retailer recalls jack stands that replaced the last jack stands it recalled

In May, Harbor Freight recalled certain Pittsburgh-branded jack stands due to a defect in the ratchet that could lead to them collapsing under load. Unfortunately, some of the newer models have a welding defect, and are also being recalled. There is full list of the affected models.

The text of the recall is embedded below.

Read the rest

How to make simple browser window mockups fits any image you upload into a web browser-style frame and gives you a new image of the composite. It's perfect for turning photoshopped web design ideas into mockups so people know what they might look like in real life. Or simply as a cute frame for your favorite images, for sharing on the internet. Read the rest

Contactless door opener and stylus

The no-contact door opener [Amazon] is a small brassy tool that levers open door handles, can be used to press buttons or as a stylus for payment systems, and is solid enough to subdue hysterical disease-spreading anti-maskers in grocery stores. It's small enough to fit on a keyring and has a wee hole for that purpose. There are many variations on the design to be found, but the one linked above is best because it's metal and many are just flimsy painted plastic.


I ordered three six-packs and that's what everyone's getting for their birthday this year. Read the rest

KontrolFreek's gaming gear cleaner is great for phones, monitors and laptops too

KontrolFreek's CleanFreek foaming cleaner keeps my monitor, controller and iPhone sparkling.

CleanFreek's foam leaves no residue or streaking on my cherished 1440p monitor. The grubby kid hand-stains left on my Xbox and Switch controllers easily wipe away. The layer of oil that constantly lives on my iPhone screen is gone.

I also use CleanFreek on my glasses and this very laptop. I hate it when my gear gets blech!

KontrolFreek CleanFreek Anti-bacterial Cleaner for Gaming Gear (2.7 fl oz) | Cleaner for Controllers, Mice, Smartphones, Tablets, Monitors and Glasses via Amazon Read the rest

Character-posing tool for artists

Just Sketch Me is a character-posing tool on the web: an artist's manikin, essentially, with a few useful features and no extraneous ones. There are options for different proportions and animals, a library of preset poses, and you can even save your work as a 3D model. Read the rest

If you are looking for studs, I recommend this stud finder

This stud finder is finding studs in my walls.

I have reached the 'hanging artwork' phase of moving into my new home. My old stud finder disappeared in the move, this new one is simple to use and works great.

Tavol sounds like a Vulcan who would beat Spock down during pon farr.

Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner - 4 in 1 Electronic Stud Sensor Beam Finders Wall Detector Center Finding with LCD Display for Wood AC Wire Metal Studs Joist Detection via Amazon Read the rest

Great deal on Unix!

Leaving the house for the first time in weeks to brave the coronavirus-infested wilds of western Pennsylvania, I ducked into the ruins of an Ace Hardware. I knew I was in danger because I could hear the rasping, plaintive moaning of the dead from deep within. Something about the voice drew me up short, and my hand relaxed around the handle of my pick.

"Oh my God," my voice was barely a whisper. "Is that you, SCO Group?"

Super Unix EXTREME adhesive [Amazon] Read the rest

An interesting little engineering device

Apparently this thing is called a Roebling device, and is used to calculate wire resistance per foot based on wire diameter. Read the rest

MythBusters's Jamie Hyneman explains his toolkit that nobody else can touch

From BB contributor Gareth Branwyn's excellent Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales e-newsletter:

In this video a fan rescued from the old MythBusters site on Discovery, Jamie goes through his essential toolkit, the tools he doesn’t let anyone else touch... He recommends several somewhat unusual tools, several that bear pointing out, a unibit, a telescoping inspection mirror, and Knipex cutters. Read the rest

Amber Mac is my guest this week on the Cool Tools podcast

My guest this week on the Cool Tools podcast is Amber Mac. Amber is the co-host of the award-winning podcast series, The AI Effect, the author of two bestselling business books. She's also the President of AmberMac Media, and a former host on G4TechTV and TWiT.

See the show notes here.

  Read the rest

Making your own utility knife in brass using common shop tools

In this video on Pask Makes, he fashions a really lovely utility knife out of brass using nothing more than common shop tools like a saw, drill, hacksaw, router, files, etc.

If you've ever made a tool yourself, you know what an inspired object that tool can become in your shop. Imagine making and gifting one of these to a friend or loved one. They would cherish it for life.

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Adam Savage's favorite tools: Handheld Sheet Metal Brake

I'm loving these 'my favorite tools' videos from the all-new ADAM SAVAGE's TESTED. Read the rest

This Bodum pour-over coffee maker works great and looks pretty cool

This Bodum pour-over coffee maker with a permanent stainless steel filter works great and is one of the cheapest I found.

This thing works to make pour-over coffee and costs less than $20. If you want pour-over coffee this is a pretty good way to get there. I started drinking pour-over a few weeks back and prefer the smooth taste.

I also prefer hot coffee to cold so there is that.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Black Band via Amazon Read the rest

Secret history of the screwdriver

From old-school bOING bOING editor Gareth Branwyn's must-read e-newsletter "Gareth's Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales":

I love The History Guy on YouTube. In this episode, he examines the history of the screwdriver and how world events shaped the development of the Phillips head and Robertson head drivers and screws. Even if you know something about the history of this ancient technology, you will likely learn some cool things from this video.

Read the rest

This low-cost contour gauge is very useful

This 10" contour gauge makes measuring for detailed or difficult cuts easier.

Having seen ads for these all over Instagram and other websites I was intrigued. For less than $15 I had to give a contour gauge a try. They are as handy, and easy to use, as the videos suggest.

This Avide gauge is cheap and it works. The pins are held into the frame with enough pressure that a very moderate amount of force will shape the gauge, but the pins will not slide or move once you draw it away and go to work.

I am also interested in the 5" version as there are some tight spaces around a few pipes this one may not fit. We shall see.

10 Inch Contour Gauge Irregular Profile Gauge Duplicator Tiling Laminate Tiles Edge Shaping Wood Measure Ruler Plastic Woodworking Tools Profile Jig Guide via Amazon Read the rest

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