Video: Bringing back extinct species

In recent years, the possibility of reviving extinct species by recreating their genomes has become a reality. First on deck for "de-extinction" are the woolly mammoth and passenger pigeon. But is this a good idea? KQED's QUEST takes a look: "Reawakening Extinct Species"

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  1. Oh sure, it's mammoths today - but pretty soon we'll all be fleeing from saber-toothed tigers.

  2. I'm for the passenger pigeon, as there is an ecological niche, and a need, for such a creature. The woolly mammoth, mmm, errr, I dunno. With elephants already on endangered lists, that one doesn't seem like such a good idea. I mean, we can learn something from "Jurassic Park", can't we? As in "only bring back species' whose butts we can kick"?

  3. Good idea? I don't know but DO IT. I want pet dinosaurs the size of small dogs and as intelligent as parrots. In the mean time I would settle for some wooly mammoth steaks.

  4. That was then. Mammoth's would now have access to modern weaponry, which would allow them to turn into sub-zero machine gun platforms.

    The other side of the coin would of course be that mammoth is delicious, and we would get to eat them into extinction all over again.

  5. Not quite.

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