KKK accused killer previously busted with black male prostitute


Former KKK "Grand Dragon" F. Glenn Miller, the delightful fellow accused of killing three people outside of Jewish centers in Kansas earlier this month, was once arrested for having sex with a black male prostitute dressed as a female. He later claimed that he was actually setting up the prostitute in order to give him a beating. Sadly, that may indeed have been his plan, after the sex that is. (Gay Star News)

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  1. I understand that this post is meant to point out Miller's hypocrisy, but it smacks too much of denigrating the sex worker in question for being black, gay, transgender, or all three.

  2. A sex worker with a penis that was dressed as a woman, probably a woman.

    I saw this quote on tumblr that I think sums it up nicely

    It’s possible police catching them doing sexual acts was catching Miller assaulting/raping her or ultimately stopped him from beating or killing her because Miller says that was his intention, we don’t even know what happened to her because the story is fucked up and cares more about the sensational story of a KKK member supposedly having “gay sex” than what happened to a Black trans woman WHO WAS TARGETED BY A VIOLENT MURDERER AND MAY HAVE BEEN RAPED OR HARMED. Who is a human being who I’m sure police arrested and perhaps brutalized and is probably in prison right now, probably with male prisoners and still in danger. Who knows what is going to happen to her or happened to her.

    It' makes for a witty headline, sure. But the story deserves a little more reporting than it's being given here.

    I expect better from boingboing.

  3. I expect it from the right, like this kkk guy, but I am sick of dealing with transmisogyny from the center and left too, like this story.

    "male prostitute dressed as a female"

    I am sick of this phrase, which usually refers to trans womyn, rather than men, despite being female, and often despite not being prostitutes, because apparently being trans is enough for the cops and the news to jump to conclusions...

    I look at this story, and it looks like he was interested in violence against black trans womyn, not that he was interested in sex with black men.

  4. I don't know about The Gay Star News, but there are certain sections of the Lesbian and Gay community who are transphobic. The same people are often biphobic too.

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