Marjorie Taylor Greene confuses Biden with Obama, and it's more than just delusional — as in racist (video)

Uh-oh, looks like Donald Trump's deteriorating condition is contagious. Marjorie Taylor Greene, like the confused ex-president-turned-bible salesman, just mixed up President Joe Biden with former president Barack Obama.

"Obama is running the country," Georgia's delusional lawmaker told Steve Bannon. "Obama is having his third term … and everyone's always known that."

Greene then goes on to explain what she's really getting at. "Of course he's coming out as the leader of the Democrat party, because he always has been the leader of the Democrat party. Joe Biden is just a puppet, dangling on the strings, doing what Obama wants him to do." (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

Okay Marge. Interesting how, when it's not George Soros and Jewish space lasers pulling the strings, it's Dark Brandon doing dark Obama's bidding. But no worries, because "everyone's always known" that you — along with the entire MAGA party — will self-implode from its toxic and racist grifts. Let's just hope it happens before November.