Why feed babies one new food at a time?


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  1. waetherman

    My wife is an ethnobotanist and I'm a dental archeologist. We raised all six of our infants using a diet of foods sourced from our own ethnic homelands - so "local" but local to where our ancestors were born, not to where we are now. Obviously, no "new world" foods. Rather than make purée, we use the traditional method and pre-masticate their food - something that is still practiced by many indigenous tribes. We feed them right at the table (well, we don't actually sit at a table, more of a stone thing that we sit on, covered with "found" hides (not hunted, mostly just road kill - we're not cavemen, after all)) and of course we don't use bibs, spoons, or other modern "conveniences" that come between a parent's mouth and the baby's stomach. We find that our child mortality rate is no higher than what people experienced in the 1400's so all in all, it's worked out very well. And of course our surviving kids are all above average, just like everyone else who posts on boing boing.

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