This Day in Blogging History: Onion v Syrian hackers; Klingon language; Abu Ghraib torturers' screensaver

One year ago today
Onion gets hacked by Syrian propagandists, responds with funny article: The Onion responded by putting up a post called Syrian Electronic Army Has A Little Fun Before Inevitable Upcoming Deaths At Hands Of Rebels, which matches the Assadists' bluster and is much funnier.

Five years ago today
A history of the Klingon Language: Klingon is really, really sophisticated, and incredibly hard to learn -- a combination of Hindi, Arabic, Yiddish, Turkish, and Mohawk.

Ten years ago today
US torturers made screensavers out of atrocity photos: . "They had all different kinds of punishments and they changed them all the time. I begged them to interrogate me again so they would know that I was innocent, but they said no, that's it. All we know is that you're staying here."