Whiskey production is not keeping up with whiskey demand

Whiskey is a "slow food". Whiskey consumption is a fast trend. And, herein, lies a problem. (I will fight all y'all for the last bottle of Buffalo Trace.)

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  1. 2 fingers Everclear,
    4 shakes of angostura bitters,
    2 shakes of Liquid Smoke.

    You're welcome (and if you actually try it, you're gross)

  2. [reads article] That's a relief. For a moment there I thought you meant whisky.

    Besides, if it's just bourbon, I'm good. I know a guy in North Carolina who makes his own.

  3. Jill says:

    I'm sorry. I'll try to cut back.

  4. Thank the gods (Dionysus specifically) that there's still rye, Tennessee whiskey, Irish whisky, Scotch, Canadian whiskey, and Japanese whisky.

    PS: all bourbon is whiskey. Not all whisk(e)y is bourbon.

  5. Brandy is, and always has been, cool in Wisconsin. The classic Wisconsin cocktail is the Brandy Old-Fashioned that nobody outside Wisconsin (and maybe Minnesota) knows how to make. It's what you drink when you are playing Euchre, a card game similar to bridge but more suitable for playing while slightly drunk.

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