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  1. Rickenhacker

    That's only half the problem. What should the change be?

    In this case, it seems the "solution" is a little warning that says something like "CAUTION: hot water is hot". It's printed on the paper cup full of near-boiling water, in order to warn the person who is in such a rush that they have put the paper cup of near-boiling water between their legs, in a moving car. Is that person going to read the warning? Of course not. But this is somehow the "solution" to the problem.

    What should be the solution? Outlaw hot coffee? Legislate for cups that it is impossible to spill liquid from (presumably non-disposable, very expensive, hence economically non-viable, with the same result as outlawing hot coffee)? It is quite possible that some situations do not have solutions that will always work out.

    In which case, if we just provide "incentive to change", with no realistic direction for the change to go in, then we just get a meaningless change instead.

    As Homer put it, "Because of me, they have a warning!"

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